tom saundersVår ferske medlem, Tom Saunders, har dessverre ikke tro på poeng til Pompey i kveldens bortekamp.


Tom Saunders er vår ferskeste medlem. Vår medlem nummer 91 er ennå ikke flyttet til Skandinavia, men flytter fra England til Sverige (Stockholm) senere denne måneden. Han har altså allerede meldt seg inn før han har flyttet hit. Hans svensk er naturlig nok ikke på plass ennå, og derfor går denne rundens supporterintervju på engelsk:

Pompey are now number 10 after 14 wins, four draws and 15 defeats this season. Are you pleased with Pompey's performances and results this season?
- This season was always going to be one where we consolidated on last year’s success and we started it off in the worst way by losing our manager and some key players. The disappointing thing was that we have been close to breaking into the play-off positions at times but since the start of 2018 have gone backwards. We’ve been unlucky with injuries this season, especially in central midfield and left back, but our style of football has been disappointing overall.

What are your thoughts and expectations for this 2017/18-season?
- I think we will finished exactly where we are now (10th). We just don’t have a good enough squad to be any higher this season, especially in central midfield. It will be a good opportunity to play the youngsters until the end of the season and see which ones are good enough to make it at the club.

kenny jackett84What do you think of our manager Kenny Jackett (bildet til høyre)?
- I really like him and his pedigree at getting clubs promoted from this league is impressive. His interviews are always calm and measured. I have been a bit disappointed with our style of football at times, but we have also played very impressively as well (Fleetwood at Home, Charlton Away). I think he will be at the club a long time, and we will be able to judge him properly after this summer’s transfer window.

How do you keep yourself updated on Pompey-news?
- Mostly through links that are shared on social media.

Have you got any favourite Pompey player(s) at the moment?
- Clarke is by far the best player we have at the moment, we got a great deal when we sold Webster. I think we will be fortunate to keep him this summer but I really think he is a £3-4 million player.

What is your starting eleven against Fleetwood?
- McGee Walkes Burgess Clarke Dionohue Close May Lowe Ronan Naismith Hawkins (If Pitman and Evans are injured)

How do you think the game against Fleetwood will end?
- Having just sacked their manager, Fleetwood may be rejuvenated. Too many injuries for us and following such a poor performance against Southend, I’m predicting a 2-0 loss.

Do you plan to see more Pompey-games live this season?
- Probably not, as I am moving to Swedish this month.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fellow members of the Scandinavian Supporters Club?
- A big hello from your newest member- I look forward to meeting you at a game soon.

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Før 1. serierunde (Rochdale H): Bjarte Hope

matt clarke76 
Matt Clarke er Pompeys klart beste spiller, mener Tom.