eisnerLes vår medlem Michael Pantling sine tanker om seriestarten og sesongen vi har foran oss i League One.

Michael Pantling er en engelskmann som har vært bosatt i Danmark i en årrekke. Han har også vært medlem i Venner av Portsmouth i mange år og han har flere ganger bidratt med innlegg på nettsiden vår. Her er Michaels tanker i det 2017/18-sesongen er to kamper gammel:

Brave New World
A new league, a new manager, a new owner and our first 3 points.

I managed to get to Fratton to see Rochdale and get a sense of the huge expectation that has already been generated by the changes.

luke mcgee99It is great that we have now got a forward who can find the goal – both of Pitman’s goals were good – lots of skill and persistence for the first and a fine header from an excellent cross from Evans for the second. At the other end McGee (bildet til høyre) looks reliable and solid.

I was most disappointed to see another new signing Holmes-Dennis have to go off – even more so now that he will be out for 3-4 months – he was lively and skilful and a worthy replacement of Stevens.

I was happy to see Evans return to an advanced role in preference of Baker, at least until the injury to Holmes-Dennis when he had to revert to last season’s position at right back.

Jack Whatmough was thankfully chosen in preference to Davies and justified his selection. It is a shame that Matt Clarke is injured by good that Jack gets match time – he has the skill to be just as good (in my opinion).

I can understand why Baker was moved back to fill the slot left by Doyle but it simply didn’t work, unfortunately, playing skill is not enough drive and tenacity are as if not more necessary to control the midfield and protect the defence – nice that May got a chance against Cardiff but maybe a bit more experience is needed.

Talbot received a lot of praise in the media but for me he made a lot of mistakes throughout the Rochdale match and we need Thomson to be fit.

The win against Rochdale was hard fought and by no means easy – we can already see that teams in League 1 are more skilful and better organised that League 2 and whilst I don’t think we will struggle to stay up, we will have to be much better to end up in the top 6. There are teams such as Blackburn and Charlton spending plenty of money in their attempts to return to the Championship.

Kenny Jackett
brandon haunstrup98Kenny Jacket has made some good signings and already seems to have a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of the squad he inherited. It is encouraging that he appears to want to use some of our young talent but given the injuries he may have no choice in the matter. It will be interesting to see whether Haunstrup (bildet til høyre) is given another chance to start at left back against Oxford – all the indications are that we are having to try and find somebody else to cover for Holmes-Dennis.

The early decision that neither Roberts or Smith are wanted showed some decisiveness – Roberts had been a favourite of the fans until his pace left him whereas Smith was never particularly liked.

LES OGSÅ: Michael Pantlings oppsummering etter forrige sesong

It remains to be seen how Main gets on and I was a little surprised with the suggestion that Lalkovic was preferred to Naismith or Bennett both of whom were excellent towards the end of last season after inconsistent starts.

Everybody is pleased with the manager so far and long may it last – we have the added bonus that we can actually understand what he says.

Our new owner got a warm welcome from the fans last Saturday and everybody is very positive. I think that the issues with the stadium are so great that we had no real choice and at least we are dealing with somebody who has some experience with owning sports clubs, vast commercial experience and who seems genuinely interested in taking the club forward. On the other had he purchased a great club very cheaply and has only promised what in modern day footballing terms is a very modest investment and has made it clear that we cannot expect him to commit the  £20-25 million necessary every year for a good Championship club at this stage.

My hope is for a modest additional investment in players to ensure a “top half” finish this season and a strategy for returning Fratton Park to a safe stadium 


brett pitman99 
Brett Pitman har imponert Michael Pantling så langt.