paul cook91Også vår medlem Michael Pantling innrømmer at han begynner å bli bekymret for Paul Cook og lagets prestasjoner. 

Michael Pantling er fortsatt den av våre medlemmer som ser Pompey live oftest. Han ser mange av Pompeys kamper både hjemme og borte hver sesong. Her er Michaels tanker om tingenes tilstand i Pompey om dagen:


Like many Pompey fans I’m beginning to have concerns about Paul Cook and the way the team is performing – particularly with regard to the lack of consistency.

Under normal circumstances being 4th should be a positive thing but the gap to the automatic promotion positions is widening.

- We can beat anyobody in this league
On our day, we can beat anybody in this league – the recent win away at Luton being a fine example but then we throw 3 points away at home against Stevenage.

Pompey shine against teams who try to play attractive football but struggle against others who have a more robust approach. The match against Stevenage was a fine example – they were well organised and on top of Pompey all the time and a bit physical but nothing to say the likes Wycombe who were gruesome in their approach.

There are clearly issues in the dressing room and I doubt we will ever get the full picture – Doyle has consistently given his all to encourage Pompey to be steadfast and to keep going and has saved us / won many points doing so – I have never seen Burgess as one who gives up either. Both of them have accepted that what happened was unacceptable and made contributions to good causes but we do not know what was behind it all.

Davies and Robinson
I think Paul Cook must be regretting letting Davies and Robinson go – they are clearly missed and could have made all the difference if only for one more season.

Baker and Roberts are our primary goal scorers but when they under-perform the team as a whole does badly. Much though I appreciate their ability, Cook need to consider resting them when they are out of form rather than guaranteeing them a place in the starting line up no matter what. 

Forde is coming in for a lot of criticism but our defence is one of the better performing ones in the league – I believe our problems remain more at the other end.

Paul Cook has the opportunity to make some adjustments in the next transfer window and I hope that the board will give him their full backing if he wished to bring in one or two more to give some expierenced cover and intensify the fight for a place. 

I haven’t given up hope of automatic promotion or faith in Paul Cook but hope he finds a way of improving our consistency and results even if it is at the expence of playing pretty football.


paul robinson98 
Paul Robinson, som Pompey lot gå til AFC Wimbledon.