jubel2016d"Dette er året! I år rykker vi opp", skriver Michael Pantling. Lørdag er det seriestart.



Michael Pantling, bosatt i Danmark, er fortsatt den av våre medlemmer som oftest ser Pompey i aksjon. Han er på mange hjemme- og bortekamper hver sesong. Her er hans tanker før sesongstart på lørdag:

Alle supporter er optimister på denne tiden av året
Every fan has to be optimistic at this time of the season, fresh faces amongst the players and a new start to the season. Whilst is was of course disappointing that we weren’t promoted last season, it was still our best in years, with some good entertaining football, particularly away. The problem was despite some very good performances, we were not consistent enough. Too many changes in our attack and in goal. On the plus side our defence were robust and our midfield generally in control, particularly after Hollands returned to form. I believe that we were over-reliant on loan signings – some very successful others less so.

I’m hoping that the new signings have further strengthened our midfield and at last goalkeeper. I remain to be convinced about out forwards – Smith is simply too slow. Hunt might prove his worth but if he is signed, I hope it is only a one-season contract. Chaplin will score goals if he is given a chance but I suspect he will only be used as an impact player. Now that Bennet has serious competition for a place in left midfield, I hope he will regain the focus he so often misses or be replaced.

Clarke is a worthy replacement for Webster and with Jack Whatmough on the mend, I think we will once again be good at the back if we can sort out how to deal with set pieces.

Imponerende sesongkortsalg
I’m sure that Paul Cook is fully aware of the expectation of the fans, and an astonishing 12,000 season ticket sales is a tremendous vote of confidence, not just for him but also the way the Board continue to improve the management of our club. I hope that the new signings are as good as everybody thinks they are and that they will finally bring us the success we all want. It would be good if the youngsters still get their chances and are not just used in cup matches which I understand have to be of secondary consideration to promotion.

I see that many of our rivals have secured loan players from higher leagues whereas Pompey are generally focusing on building a team of our own – stability can only help address the consistency issues that let us down last season.

Is this finally going to be our year? Yes I believe it is!


kyle bennett jubler2 
Michael Pantling er glad for at Kyle Bennett nå får konkurranse om plassen.